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Bernardo Medina's development as an artist has been a long process of study and experimentation in medium, style and technique. Ten years ago this experimentation led him to create pieces with mixed media; he instantly recognized that he had found his calling. His work has always been an expression of love as many of his earlier works were given as presents to close friends and relatives who, in turn, were very frequently his inspiring muses. The ability to integrate objects found on his journeys to create beautiful strong colored abstract pieces caught the attention of a Puerto Rican based art dealer and connoisseur, who gave him the opportunity to exhibit his art in her gallery upon recognizing his innate artistic fervor.
Bernardo debuted at a collective charitable exhibition in 2006 with his first series titled Fly Hi. Fly Hi consisted of renditions of airplanes in various shapes and sizes while establishing his trademark of utilizing color accents and vintage advertisements in order to convey his message.
In April 2008, Azar (Chance) became his first solo show, highlighting in this series the element of coincidence in all kinds of human relationships, from coworkers, to friends, and family. Hearts of different shapes and colors where the main theme of this exhibition.
The year 2009 represents for Bernardo the beginning of the internationalization of his works. He will show his most recent collection titled Fly Away in Miami, Florida; his first show outside of Puerto Rico.


Artist and Advertising Legend
Mike Tesch has spent most of his lifetime creating ads that have become part of vernacular America. He was instrumental in putting Federal Express on the map with an award winning first ever television campaign. “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight”.
He has won over 500 awards including The Clios, The One show, The Andy’s, Art Director Awards, Cannes film festival and many more.
For his efforts in bringing FedEx to the American Public along with the Dunkin Donuts Campaign “Time to make the donuts” and Tonka toys (an elephant stepped on it) he was voted to Adweeks all-American creative team.
He was voted one of America’s most outstanding creative people (a nation wide vote conducted by AD/DAYUSA) His award winning campaigns for Federal Express were selected for inclusion by the Smithsonian Institute and can be seen at the Center of Advertising History.
He is an inductee to the Art Directors Club hall of fame…as well as the heralded One Club Creative hall of fame…only 38 people in all of advertising have ever achieved this accolade, including David Ogilvy and Bill Bernbach.
Mike attended Cooper Union art school in N.Y. as well as Pratt Institute. He taught at Pratt, lectured at the University of Delaware, School of Visual Arts and Miami Ad School, he was elected to the Board of Directors of America the Beautiful Fund Washington D.C, a fund set up to preserve the landmarks and environments all across America.
He is in the process of illustrating a children’s book called “Are you Harry, Barry or Larry?
He is a passionate perfectionist and is the sort of guy who seldom takes no for an answer
Mike sneers at mere decoration.
He believes art, all art not just his, should contain a point of view that reveals something about the artist and open a window for a new kind of comprehension by its viewers.
He professes to the theory…WHEN IN DOUBT…RISK IT.


Carlos Hoyos is a modern day renaissance man who has succeeded in utilizing his creative and artistic side as well as his highly methodical, technically adroit side by staying focused and true to his passions, photography and aerospace.
The result is a marvelous incorporation of artistic skill and innovation as seen through his unique brand of photography that has aerospace as a common thread. In his burgeoning collections (“Cartagena, A Panoramic Aerial Vision”, “Botero Sculptures”,and “Convair 990”), Hoyos’ sharp eye, impeccable sense of light and framing, and excellent taste is clearly reflected.
Whether he uses aerospace technology to capture distinct images or showcases aircraft as his subject, Hoyos’ is quickly gaining recognition from collectors and critics as a groundbreaking photographer.


Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1957, Fernando Sucre was raised on a steady diet of 1960’s American television (Astroboy, Jonny Quest and The Jetsons dubbed in Spanish) while being exposed to space age design and technology by his father, the national government’s chief engineer. Somewhere along the way, his father’s bridges and highways and those wacky futuristic cartoons produced a lasting impression on this young and creative mind. Though gifted from an early age with drawing and painting skills, Sucre listened to his parents’ sense of reason and decided to pursue a career in aeronautical engineering. Sucre attended college in the United States at the Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. After working several years in the aerospace field as an engineer and licensed mechanic at companies like Arrow Air and Eastern Airlines, Sucre began to realize that his true calling might not lie in fixing aircraft. Acting on his natural artistic inclinations, he decided to explore the world of painting and enrolled in a fine arts school in Caracas. While exploring imagery that captivated his mind’s eye, Sucre became aware that he had somehow fallen under the spell of the American Pop culture. Blending his engineer’s perspective with his artistic fascination for everything “pop”, Sucre began to paint in a style that echoed the American pop art masters Warhol and Lichtenstein while at the same time incorporating something uniquely Latino into his work.
His one man show “POP AIR” at the InterFlight Studio Gallery in the Wynwood Art District offers a colorful blending of Sucre’s life experiences. He painted a whole hangar-full of fabulous pop airplanes. From early aerospace and vintage aircraft to World War II bombers to modern fighters, commercial carriers and Lear jets, it’s obvious that Sucre still loves airplanes. But these aren’t just any old airplanes… these aircraft are flying through the crazy POP world of “Sucrevision”; hot pink Concordes, purple 747’s and lemon yellow Cessna’s. This is obviously an artist in his element. It’s fun, it’s POP, it’s Fernando Sucre and its worth a look!


Hervé Alexandre

Born in Rouen, France, Hervé Alexandre excelled in the arts from a young age, however it was not until he focused his studies on portraiture and painting at Toulouse, France, and over to Ottowa, Canada from 1981 to 1984 that he truly refined his skill and style. Alexandre prefers to create realistic works in irrealistic media and colors. His material use range from pastel, charcoal, acrylic, oil, and pen on board or canvas and incorporate collages as well.
Hervé Alexandre’s portraiture depicts various subjects, largely drawn from his travels, or in the case of the aerospace Collection, his occupation, working for Air France. Alexandre has dedicated collections to Mongolia, China, Latin America, and Africa and some of the aerospace Portraits are in the permanent collection of the Sao Paolo aerospace Museum in Brazil.
Alexandre has been creating aerospace inspired pieces since 2006 and we are pleased to present them to you at InterFlight Studio Gallery and at Out of the Blue Café located at 2426 NE 2nd Ave (just blocks away from the gallery).


Erik R. Lindbergh

Erik Lindbergh is the grandson of Charles and Anne Lindbergh, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Lindbergh Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering his grandparents’ vision of balancing technological advances with environmental preservation. Mr. Lindbergh also serves on the board of trustees of the X PRIZE Foundation, works in public relations for Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing, and is a founding board member of the aerospace High School in Seattle.
Armed with a degree in Aeronautical Science and an inherited sense of adventure, in 2002 Erik retraced his grandfather’s solo flight from New York to Paris in a small single engine aircraft. This epic personal journey documented by the History Channel, raised over one million dollars for three charities, garnered half a billion media impressions for the XPRIZE Foundation and prompted a call from President Bush for inspiring the country after the tragedy of September 11th.
His unique sculpture and furniture designs have been featured in People Magazine, Sculptural Pursuit, the History Channel, NASA, and a national advertising campaign for Amgen. Seven of his rocket ships were the first bronze sculptures ever to fly into space!
A wonderful storyteller, Erik is a professional speaker with clients such as: The Mayo Clinic, Intel, Young Presidents Organization, Ace Hardware, The Arthritis Foundation, Microsoft, National Air and Space Museum, and The Explorers Club.

Artist Statement

“Some people see things in clouds - I see things in wood. In the beginning I saw furniture, untamed and whimsical, and yet refined. As this wildwood journey progressed, I saw Martian smoke trails blasting out of rustic rocket ships.
My challenge lies in teasing the vision out of the wood. Sometimes it is easy and takes a few days or weeks. Other times it is difficult and takes years to complete a piece. I think the most difficult challenge of this work is to allow the wood to speak for itself. How does one open one’s eyes to see the depths of what happens in nature? As I contemplate my own tentative relationship with the earth, I find myself identifying with gnarled trees; our twisted trunks, knots and burls are a visible testament to the struggles we have lived through, and the more "character" we develop, the more interesting we become. Perhaps this kinship is what lights the creative fire in my belly and draws me into this wildwood world.
Whether it’s an original in wood or a casting out of bronze, you can be sure that it tickled my fancy or touched my soul along the way.”
-Erik R. Lindbergh


About Peter Valentino

Peter Valentino is a fine artist and designer with 35 years of experience. American born, self-taught at a very early age, with a remarkable ability to work with metal, wood, and glass, he has created a majestic portfolio of work turning aerospace materials, objects, artifacts and composing sculptures and installations that become spectacular works of art.
Mr. Valentino's pieces for Flight Studio are inspired by his passion for aviation, aerospace and theme of flight. His fascination for flight and airplanes began when he was 15, or even a younger age. His first piece, an inspired yet elegant intricately detailed aircraft, created completely of wire, was completed when he was only 16. The seed of fine art and fine sculptural functional design was planted. At 19 years old, art and flight merged and Peter became a pilot. He received his pilot's license and it was at this point in time that the intersection of his love of flight and his artistic talents were fused formally in an equation that has lasted a lifetime and promises to be latent in his work for decades and even generations to come. Mr. Valentino has since created aerospace works growing in importance and with museum and archival quality. Flight Studio curators have spoken highly about his masterful replicas of aviation-themed pieces as collectible artifacts, appreciating contemporary works d'art, elegant gifts and inspiring illustrations of what is possible when flight meets art and design at its finest.
Peter's imagination as his guiding light has connected with collectors, investors and galleries worldwide. Over time, carefully selected airplane parts, acquired through an inspired and flight enlightened process, oftentimes reflecting on his extensive flight relationship as a pilot, as the critical raw materials by which to create the final master pieces.
Imagination, possibility and timelessness emanate from Peter's sculpture, wall art, furniture, displays, and other luxury accessories. Bespoke design have successfully exceeded client and collectors' expectations as Peter blends the client's inspiration and desires with his unique and masterful translation into works of fine art and design.

Aerospace Functional Art at its Finest

Peter Valentino custom-builds and sells a very limited number of one-of-a-kind aviation-themed bars, designed to appeal to most discriminating collector's, investors and high net worth individuals who want to pursue their passions, interest in the theme of flight and express their originality while still demanding the highest quality and exacting standards in workmanship and materials.
With almost 30 years experience in fabricating distinctive, handcrafted flight themed projects encompassing a wide variety of aerospace materials. Peter's specialized themes, assembled with aircraft components, painstakingly restored, and incorporating them into unique composition, furniture and lighting designs.
His aerospace design creations, in the form of a humidor, are truly one-of-a-kind and reflect the skill and expertise of fine craftsmen applying their full potential.
Each bar sculptural masterpiece takes months from inception through completion – requiring more than 1,000 hours of extensive restoration in addition to hundreds of hours under machinery. 
For further contact, please call Oscar and Yvette Garcia +1-305-400-6789/6749 


Influenced by modern lines and aviation design, Yoshi Yasuda creates art furniture which is a departure from traditional furnishings. He unifies the elements of sculpture and function in his bold and expressive modern designs incorporating fine woods, vintage airplane parts and other complimentary materials to create a truly unique product.


The first time I walked through an aircraft cemetery, I was in awe at these dead lords of the air. Large commercial airplanes laying on their bellies, missing tails and noses, fuselages cut open like the carcass of a giant mammoth. I asked the manager of the yard what happened to the carcass once all the usable spare parts had been taken away and sold. He said "well, I guess we cut them up to get them ready to become beer cans". Beer cans. My soul was in tears. These flying dragons, these noble machines, are one of man's greatest achievements. A loyal craft which had taken people's dreams all around the world countless times. Beer cans...
I picked up a few parts on my pickup truck. I refused to let their souls be chopped up and their bodies be turned into such un-noble devices.
I gave these beautifully crafted and engineered objects new meaning, new life, new purpose. I decided that "rebirth" was a much more fitting term for their souls, rather than "recycle".

Facundo is a Miami based designer born in Argentina in 1971. He was trained as a master builder back in his native Buenos Aires and moved to Boston in the early 1990's where he graduated from Architecture school and also received a Masters Degree in Urban Affairs and Environmental Problems. Poj is a handcrafter of furniture and objects. His use of materials is definitely on the unconventional side of the spectrum. Poj spends much of his time looking for treasures in junk yards. He searches for objects with a soul and a lasting quality to them. Mr. Poj ponders on the subject of memory and historic value. Historic value not at the superficial level of style and form, but at a deeper level, he values the biography of objects and materials.
Poj also invests much energy researching new ways of using materials of great qualities which are not that far into the unconventional, but which have not fallen yet into the hands of large scale mainstream manufacturing. All his furniture pieces are designed through high technology, handcrafted, and built for life.
Mr. Poj's design services and exclusive handcrafted pieces have been sought not only by private clients and collectors, but also by important corporate clients such as Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton USA, Veuve Clicquot, Ecoist, Dom Perignon, Citrine by the Stones, Simmons of Argentina and others.


As an artist and furniture designer, De Astis pays homage to the numerous man-hours spent by others in creating these fantastic pieces of metal, creatively transforming each part into a new work of art. In his studio, he harmonizes the metal with new materials-glass, wood, stone, leather, metal sheeting, rivets-which results in impressive, highly crafted pieces of functional furniture, including chairs, desks, lamps, tables, and other pieces for the home, office and even public spaces. Aerodynamic and powerful in design, these unique objects reflect the creative mind and boundless energy of the artist and designer.
Giancarlo de Astis grew up in various countries around the world--Mexico, United States, Italy, Venezuela, Tunisia and Australia. As a result of his extensive travels and experiences with diverse cultures, he is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French. As a teenager, he attended schools in Florence and Rome, receiving a liberal arts education and exposure to monuments of Western art and architectural history on a daily basis. He graduated Cum Laude from Tufts University in Boston with a degree in International Relations and Economics.
In 2001, a series of dramatic changes in his personal life led De Astis to pursue a longtime dream of designing and building hand crafted furniture using parts from old airplanes. He traveled throughout the Southwest, West and Northwest regions of the United States for eight weeks in a VW camper, making a seminal stop in Arizona to visit the junkyards where planes await their meltdown. He purchased a number of parts and rented a U-Haul truck to bring them back to Los Angeles. Even prior to this moment, he had already begun sketching ideas for furniture. His first inspiration emanated from an airplane ride over the Mojave Desert in 1995, when for the first time he witnessed the "bone yards" where hundreds of airplanes--row by row--are laid to rest.

For Giancarlo De Astis earning his Artistic license starts in the American West, where millions of creative man-hours are already embedded in the shapes of tens of thousands of airplanes glimmering under intense heat.
"When I toured the area in Mojave where the airplanes are parked, I began to notice the shapes and curves of the aircraft. They moved me. The parts and pieces of the planes were beautiful in and of themselves"
Inspired to perpetuate their existence as the works of art they are; Giancarlo blends the splendor of each part with time-honored crafting materials.
In the studio he refines his visualization of the finished piece, chooses harmonizing materials and begins to craft, and so the metamorphosis begins.
During this inventive process a mixture occurs that renews the part as a distinct and functional furniture piece- transformed, the airplane part then survives with fresh purpose. Resulting in extraordinary works of aviation art!
"It's not so much about me it's the piece itself". "I often wondered what it is that makes people still line up to see a painting that was done 500 years ago, I decided it was because the artist had left a piece of himself there and it's the passion of that person - Picasso, Rembrandt and Renoir - that keeps drawing us back. The moment that you touch somebody emotionally, that's the moment. That's what I try to do with my furniture."


Yvette and Oscar Garcia have been inspired by the magic of flight since their early childhood. Meeting aboard a 747 aircraft, Oscar as a Pilot and Yvette as an adventurous globe trotting passenger.

Since then, they have lived a flying life-love story immersed in the world of flight, fuelling  their creativity and supported their joint work as designers and artists for more than  a decade.

Through their designs, Oscar and Yvette address the fundamental attributes of mankind’s possibilities through the magic of flight.

Their designs evoke and reflect, elegantly, the intelligent, creative, artistic and humanitarian dimensions of flight, in all their splendour.

“Our artist and designer vision is twofold, first to create and deliver unique items that embody the “art of flight” and give a sense of infinite space, time, peace and freedom. And second, to place our designs in spaces that allow the collectors, owners or viewers to share in the emotions and inspiration of flight”. Yvette Garcia states

We offer to our clients, private, public and corporate the opportunity to acquire and collect our art creations, designs, artefacts and objects and to  inspire them to be conscious, to look above, beyond and to marvel about flight, and the infinite sky and space around us.

About Oscar                                                                                                           

Oscar is a unique aviation artist, with a piloting, strong science and business backgrounds. Oscar reconnected with his childhood passion for drawing and painting after more than twenty years, and meeting Yvette flying as a pilot on a Boeing 747 aircraft.

Oscar’s aerospace bound life story details are intriguing and engaging. Starting his craft at a very early age, he was known for selling self-adhesive photo collages to his peers in primary schools to decorate their school books, motor scooters and even room wallpapers. Model airplanes, sketches and early day canvases, often given as gifts to aspiring aviators and charities are scattered around the world.
Oscar’s work is unique, simple, yet powerful paintings, painted model aircraft and aircraft three dimensional collage compositions and assemblages.

About Yvette

Yvette’s art education started at a young age in The Netherlands. Through her upbringing in Asia and travel experiences, her style matured and evolved into a multi culturally reflection on the aesthetics of life, flight, love and family.  She uses a rich variety of objects, animals, planets, aircraft and birds which merge into backgrounds and sculptural arrangements that are simple yet powerfully appealing to the senses. Yvette’s creations reflect  and propose that soaring above, taking flight anywhere, could very well  be the driving force of love and harmony everywhere in the world ,and the universe.


Please check more of Richard Kai work here:  http://www.interflightstudio.com/#!richard-kai/cepr

 I am a flight engineer of the Japan Air Line cockpit crew on board B747. The total flight time is approximately 15,000 hours. Flying in the great arch of the sky, I can see many countries and splendid views. Richard Kai, my artist name, has been chosen to promote my artwork overseas. In Japan, I won two Prova Awards, which are given to landscapes, for both of two pieces of the artwork I sent. One of the awards is named after Sasakura Teppei, a famous painter known for his European landscapes. Afterwards, I started my new career. I have selected Honolulu as my main business site and have been creating new paintings. 

In Japan, I have produced truly unique pieces of artwork that I call Cockpit Art. I appeared on a TV news program by Osaka Mainichi TV Station, Voice. Featuring my artwork, the program was titled as “Cockpit is art: Guess the first job of a popular painter.” It attracted many responses from viewers. Mainichi TV Station broadcasts another popular TV series, Jonetsu Tairiku, which features one person’s life. They are interested in featuring my life in which I am pursuing my own dream through working 
as a flight engineer and an artist. 

It is my honor to have my artwork displayed in Honolulu. I love Hawai‘i so much. It has many fascinating themes: a wonderful time on Waikiki Beach where people are having a good time with their pleasant thoughts. I hope that your clients can see people’s enjoyment and dream through my playful artwork. 
I use acrylic paints on canvas for any of my artwork. 
2008 Nations to Nations exhibition art award in United Nations of New York 
2004 Geijutsu Shincho, the most authentic art journal in Japan, features me as a painter who made a cockpit into a canvas. 
1998 The top 100 illustrators (featured in Art Box) 
1997 The Most Promising Western Painting Artists Awards (Art Box) 
1996 The Sasakura Teppei Award and the Heartwarming Award (The Prova Awards) 
1996 The Japan Watercolors Award (The Watercolors Association) 
1995 The Special Award (Beaux Arts Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) 
1994 The Most Promising Artist Award (Modern naïve(doga) art Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) 

2005 Exhibition in the art galleries (of the Shinjuku head store and a Matsudo branch) of Isetan Department Store 
2006 Exhibition in the art gallery of the Narita Shin International Airport 
2006 Exhibition in the Fuchu branch art gallery of Isetan Department Store 
2007 Exhibition in the art gallery of Shinjuku head store Odakyu Department Store 
2008 Exhibition in United Nations Headquarters in New York , 
Nation to Nation Working World of Artist Exhibition 
2008 Exhibition in interior gallery Sogo Yokohama Department store 
2009 Exhibition in interior gallery Sogo Yokohama. 
2010 Exhibition in Sapporo and Nagoya Mitsukoshi department store 
Exhibition in Seibu Tokyo department store 
2011 Exhibition in art salon Tokyu Yokohama department store 
2012 Exhibition in interior gallery Sogo Yokohama etc 


 Born in Spain, PEREZ MELERO began his career in Venezuela where he lived from the late 1950's until the early 1980's. Maintaining workshops in Caracas and New York, he is an artist who exhibits his work internationally and is in public collections which include the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art, CANTV, Fundarte, the American Institute of Architects, Intel Corporation, the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.

My 3-dimensional constructions are built mostly from wood, paper, canvas and acrylic paint. Their ideas evolve from an organic and intuitive process. The final work is a combination of my creative vision and a highly organized process employing disciplines of geometry and applied design.
Viewers should interact physically with my constructions. They need to walk around them and view them from different perspectives. Up close one can see the detailed and intricate methods of their construction. From further back, one can appreciate their total effect. Color and light and how they interact are central to my work. Color is painted on pieces of wood attached to a high-contrast geometric background. Light penetrates between them, reflecting color from one to another and on the background.
These reflected colors seem to mix in the air and produce an impression of others.
As light sources change angle or intensity, and as the viewer moves around the work, new colors can be perceived even though they aren't really there.
The interaction between color and light has produced an illusion.
This relationship between color and light, in part, defines my work. Color and light and how they interact are central to my work. Color is painted on pieces of wood attached to a high-contrast geometric background. Light penetrates between them, reflecting colors from one to another and on the background.
These colors seem to mix in the air and create an impression of more. As light sources change angle or intensity, and as the viewer moves around the work, new colors are perceived even though they aren't really there. The interaction between color and light has produced an illusion. This relationship between color and light, in part, defines my work.
Viewers should interact physically with my work. You need to walk around and view it from different perspectives. Up close you can see the detailed and intricate methods of construction. From further back, you can appreciate the total effect.


“Like the stories of our lives, the contrails of an aircraft move forward, reflecting on our past, rejoicing in our present and pointing to our future. Flight is the journey of life. With my work, I wish that the essence of the human soul materializes through the metaphor of flight.”
About the Artist:
PilotO, is a unique aviation artist, with a piloting, strong science and business background. PilotO reconnected with his childhood passion for drawing and painting after more than twenty years involved in the aviation and aerospace industries as an engineering student, airline transport pilot flying Boeing 747’s worldwide and also as a successful international executive and consultant.  IFS exclusively represents PilotO’s work  and collectors are deeply touched by his unique, simple, yet powerful paintings, painted model aircraft and aircraft three dimensional collage compositions and assemblages.
PilotO’s aerospace bound life story details are intriguing and engaging. Starting his craft at a very early age, he was known for selling self-adhesive photo collages to his peers in primary schools to decorate their school books, motor scooters and even room wallpapers. Model airplanes, sketches and early day canvases, often given as gifts to aspiring aviators and charities are scattered around the world.
PilotO’s is an early “mature” artist, in his early forties. His life career makes some of his work’s details and “style context” accurate yet simple and inspired.  His work exudes the soul of one who, flying around the world for years, has been impregnated and fascinated with the views outside “cockpit” windows. PilotO innocently and with simple, sometimes “child like”  naïve elegance re creates the drama and the “spectacle” of the sky as a magnificent  gate to mankind’s universes of dreams and passions……..both known and familiar yet unknown and mysterious.
His work’s statement are subtle, poetic, yet swift and dynamic as the images he must have seen and emotions  felt through the cumulative hours, days or even years spent aloft.

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IFS welcomes Julia Gerstman as Junior Assistant Director of InterFlight Studio Gallery

IFS welcomes Julia Gerstman as Junior Assistant Director of InterFlight Studio Gallery (More)

InterFlight Studio Gallery February Opening Event-Private Wing Show

InterFlight Studio Gallery February Opening Event-Private Wing Show

IFS to host Embry-Riddle University Alumni Gathering in Miami

IFS to host Embry-Riddle University Alumni Gathering in Miami

FLY AWAY Exhibition

Wynwood Art District - Second Saturday Gallery Walk
October 10th , 2009
For details please Click (More)

Flight Studio Gallery Bernardo Medina Colon Fly Away Opening October 10th , 2009

“A Collage of Flight Artists”

Group Exhibition by FlightStudio Gallery Artists
PilotO, Desiree Bordes, Mike Tesch, Jo-Ann Lizio,
Herve Alexandre & Bernardo Medina
Art Basel Miami 2009

Wednesday December 2nd – Sunday December 6th , 2009
Click PDF for details and times

FlightStudio’s Randolph Engineering authentic Aviator sunglasses are featured by Jon Hamm of Mad Men.

FlightStudio’s  Randolph Engineering authentic Aviator sunglasses are featured by Jon Hamm of Mad Men. IFG is once more featured as eBay reseller of choice for these unique shades which are once more chosen by another celebrity adding to Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Johnny Depp, amongst others
To purchase your own pair proceed to IFS Store or visit:  www.randolpheyewear.com
Press Clip
InterFlight Studio  and Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses
As seen on - Jon Hamm - Mad Men

Jon Hamm, as Don Draper, wearing RE Aviator sunglasses in the television series Mad Men photo © ABC

Flight Studio Gallery delivers suite of design and fine art pieces to Air Charter Service in the UK

Flight Studio Gallery delivers suite of design and fine art pieces to Air Charter Service in the UK

Ultra Private Aircraft Terminal Turnberry Aviation Selects Flight Studio Design and Gallery Collection

Turnberry Aviation selected fine aviation art and design pieces from acclaimed Italian Master Giancarlo D'Astis to decorate its Miami private aviation airport lobby spaces.

Fight Studio Gallery + Design AutoPilot Magazine Article , ready for Art Basel

In an inspirational article by Albert Opraseuth, innovative aerospace magazine The AutoPilot, focused on Flight Studio’s aerospace and flight inspired artists and mission to harness this very exciting and  emerging contemporary art movement. Artists featured and quoted, Mike Tesch, PilotO and Erik Lindbergh, will have their work displayed and, appear for the upcoming Art Basel event in Miami. In addition, Flight Studio will present its last contemporary artist, a master of three dimensional paintings, Antonio Perez Melero and his Inflight Collection.
For the full article, please click here

Inter Flight Studio’s Chairman, Oscar S. Garcia, publishes article on WINGS-GMAA about Contemporary Aerospace Art and Design

Inter Flight Studio’s  Chairman, Oscar S. Garcia, publishes article on WINGS-GMAA about  Contemporary Aerospace Art and Design. Coinciding with Art Basel Miami openings, the article sheds light on the parallels amongst Aviation and Aerospace artistic, technical and business developments.
Click Here to read Article
Click here to See the Full Newsletter

InterFlight Global and Studio to host Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Alumni Association Event.

InterFlight Global and Studio to host Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Alumni Association Event. Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and Michele Berg, Executive Director of Alumni Relations will co –host a gathering of ERAU South Florida Alumni Chapter to discuss future plans and share about the University’s recent developments. “ Hosting this event in our aerospace art gallery is a pleasure for all of us at IFS and IFG, not only because of our long term support and allegiance to ERAU’s excellence, as alumni, Alumni Advisory Committee member, but also to provide the Alumni Relations Department with a fresh, artistic, creative and colorful setting. Together with Michele and her AA team we intend to energize the South Florida Alumni Chapter to close 2011 and enter 2012 with enthusiasm” Oscar Garcia states.
Miami Alumni Chapter Meeting & Social
Join us at the InterFlight Studio Gallery
The Alumni Association is hosting the social to reestablish the chapter. Please join us at  the InterFlight Studio-- the only gallery in the world specializing in aerospace  contemporary art.

You are invited for an evening of networking, hors d'oeuvres and refreshments as we discuss our plans for the future. Information about how to become involved in the chapter as a member or leader will be shared. Special Embry-Riddle giveaways will be available for all who attend.

IFS Propeller Sculptures Gain Acclaim From Collectors and Exhibitors

IFS Propeller Sculptures  Gain Acclaim From Collectors and Exhibitors
Recent sales of Flight Studio Design extraordinary Propeller Sculptures to collectors in the USA, Europe and Asia have triggered collaborations with top exhibitors and galleries such as the Whitley Collection. The sculptures have taken the form of multiple blade installations, even a forest of Propeller Sculptures. The "iconic" aircraft provenance (Super Constellation, DC-3/4/6/7 series, Twin Beech and others )and sizes selected for each sculpture make each piece a truly collectible item which oftentimes appreciates with time.

Oscar and Yvette Garcia, design their exquisite iconic aircraft Propeller Sculptures from their Miami Flight Studio. The sculptures enhance the sleek and energetic pose of the propeller blade while proposing to the viewer the possibility that the sculptures once turned and pushed an aircraft through the skies. Oscar and Yvette’s love of flight, art and design is portrayed with this sculptures with elegance and simplicity, allowing the piece to freely communicate with the viewer.

The Whitley Collection and Flight Studio Gallery and Design Collaboration in Palm Beach Art and Design Shows

Yvette Garcia, CEO of Flight Studio Gallery and Design and Arron Rimpley, Owner of the Whitley Collection launched a collaboration to exhibit Flight Studio Design unique and highly collectable aerospace fine design pieces. “ We started our cooperation in late 2011 as Arron invested in some of our American designer functional design pieces, such as a Phantom Jet engine table.” Yvette stated. “This year, the Whitley Collection chose Flight Studio Design exclusive Propeller Sculptures to show at the premier Palm Beach shows. The IFS Propeller Sculptures will be shown as a “Forest of Propellers” in the Whitley Collection space and will commence an era of aerospace design exhibits. We are proud and excited to collaborate with the Whitley Collection’s Arron and Gregg, as they are the top of their segment and discerning collectors themselves. We expect to expand our object and pieces exhibits at their upcoming mega space in Dania Beach Florida in the Fall 2012” Yvette concluded. Click here for further information on the Whitley Collection or contact Arron Rimpley Phone: 786.464.1818
For more information on 2012 showings please visit  www.aifaf.com,www.palmbeachshow.com. For more information on Flight Studio Design Propeller Sculptures please visit www.flightstudiodesign.com 

Tatiana Fernandez owner of renowned fine art Mundo Gallery ventures into a contemporary display of aerospace design art pieces in collaboration with InterFlight Studio Design.

Tatiana Fernandez owner of  renowned fine art Mundo Gallery ventures into a contemporary display of aerospace design art pieces in collaboration with InterFlight Studio Design. “ The DC-10 Bench by Facundo Poj is certainly a landmark in contemporary design with a function. Facundo is on of the reference designers in this field and we are proud to show this piece at Mundo Gallery.” Oscar Garcia, Flight Studio Gallery Chairman stated. “ Also, the David Gale cast aluminum fine sculptures with internal and external illumination versions, are a symbol of a contemporary yet retro aviation design piece. David Gale, in Los Angeles handcrafts this beautiful pieces for celebrities and serious collectors. They have been featured in design and architectural magazines, the best example is the one John Travolta owns in his home in Florida”. Oscar concluded.

For a viewing appointment please contact Tatiana Fernandez,
Owner Mundo Gallery Phone +1-954-806-9867 or
Oscar Garcia,
Flight Studio Gallery +1-305-904-5183. Click here for more information on Facundo Poj’s DC-10 Bench
and the David Gale DC-3 and Constellation Lamps