Thursday, October 31, 2013

Turbine Blade Chandelier Concept

Check out the latest concept by InterFlight Studio.  A custom made Turbine Blade Chandelier.  This wonderful dramatic piece is made with real turbine blades.

At InterFlight Studio, we will work with you to make sure you get the perfect design piece for your space.  Since each one is completely custom made, you can choose how big or small you want this piece.  We offer these blades, as is, or with a silver shine finishing on each one.

Let us make you high flying aviation dreams come true.

This chandelier was inspired by geometric shapes, aviation, and industrial design.  I wanted to create a piece of "furniture" that was masculine as well as in good design taste.  Most chandeliers are made to impress women, however, there is not many options for lighting that appeal to men.
This turbine blade chandelier is the answer to those problems.  The square and rectangular shapes are more pleasing to men, as well as the materials used in this design.  The layering technique is also appealing to women.  Giving it a subtle look of grace makes it the perfect middle point between male and female taste.

Please go to  for more information and to see other aviation related designs and masterpieces.

InterFlight Studio is proud to be the only gallery in the world specializing in aerospace and aviation contemporary art and design.  We represent a wide variety of artists creating everything from paintings to sculptures to furniture.  Everything we sell is made by a real artist and are mostly one of a kind, priceless items.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Scimitar Propeller Blade Sculpture - Modern Decor at its best

The Scimitar Propeller sculpture by InterFlight Studio, is one of the most valuable objects of decoration on the market today.  This rare propeller blade holds within it, a piece of aviation history and excitement.  There are only a limited number of these even in existence in the world.
Now, InterFlight Studio is offering them to collectors and art appreciators around the world for a value price.  This object is perfect for an art or design collector because of the history this piece holds.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A scimitar propeller is shaped like a scimitar sword, with increasing sweep along the leading edge. Typically scimitar propellers are constructed of lightweight or composite materials. In the early 1900s they were made of laminated wood. The combination of light weight and efficient aerodynamics results in more power and reduced noise.
Turboprops have a fairly narrow sweet spot at speeds below about 450 mph. All propellers lose efficiency at high speed, due to an effect known as wave drag which occurs just below supersonic speeds. This powerful form of drag exhibits sudden onset, and it led to the concept of a sound barrier when it was first encountered in the 1940s. In the case of a propeller, this effect can happen when the prop is spun fast enough that the tips of the prop start traveling near the speed of sound, even if the plane itself is not moving forward.Propfan engines use contra-rotating scimitar propellers to achieve turboprop efficiency levels at high subsonic air speeds comparable to that of turbofans.
This can be controlled to some degree by adding more blades to the prop, absorbing more power at a lower rotational speed. This is why some World War II fighters started with two-blade props and were using five-blade designs by the end of the war. The only downside to this approach is that adding blades makes the propeller harder to balance and maintain. At some point, though, the forward speed of the plane combined with the rotational speed of the propeller will once again result in wave drag problems. For most aircraft, this will occur at speeds over about 450 mph.
A method of decreasing wave drag was discovered by German researchers in WWII: sweeping the wing backward. Today, almost all aircraft designed to fly much above 450 mph (700 km/h) use a swept wing. In the 1940s, NACA started researching propellers with similar sweep. Since the inside of the prop is moving more slowly than the outside, the blade becomes progressively more swept toward the outside, leading to a curved shape similar to that of a scimitar.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Website!!!

InterFlight Studio has a brand new look!  After lots of hard work, here is the new and improved site:

Please let us know what you think about our new look, our products, or anything really!

InterFlight Studio represents artists and designers inspired by flight.  Take a look at our interesting aviation furniture pieces, or our life like fine art.  Any of our pieces from paintings to sculptures, to furniture, will inspire you everyday and remind you of the joy of flying.

Own a piece of aviation history today:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

InterFlight Studio - Aviation Furniture

InterFlight Studio has many unique aviation furniture pieces that could compliment any decor style.
At InterFlight Studio, we represent artists and designers who have a passion for flight.  Let your love for aviation soar as you browse through our collection of fine art and designs.

This piece, made by Facundo Poj, is an excellent example of modern design.  This piece will be highly sought after in the future.  With its perfect lines, and comfortable seating, this piece of aviation furniture is sure to make you happy everyday, and inspire your dreams of flight for many years to come.

InterFlight Studio only sources artists and designers who use real aircraft parts within their designs.  It makes the piece more interesting to know that those pieces had flown in the air for many years before being decommissioned.

Go to   to see more of our collection.

Friday, October 18, 2013

IFS attends annual GMAA Gala

InterFlight Studio was in attendance at the annual GMAA (general Miami aviation association) gala held at the Hilton Double-Tree/convention center in Miami last Saturday night.
The night was pleasant, as fellow aviation lovers gathered to network and enjoy good conversation with others in the industry.
InterFlight Studio donated a number of items for the silent auction to help the GMAA scholarship fund.

To see more about InterFlight Studio please go to:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

747 Plane transformed into a home

This is an amazing idea, and great way to re purpose things.  A guy decides to build a dream home from a retired 747 airplane in Malibu, CA.

Here’s how it works: buy a retired 747 for the paltry sum of $35,000. Register it with the FAA so pilots flying overhead don’t mistake the house for a downed aircraft. Disassemble the 230-foot long, 195-foot wide machine. Elevate the wings and tail stabilizers to use as a roof for the master bedroom. Create a roof for a detached art studio from a 50-foot long section of the upper fuselage. Add a guesthouse, constructing its roof from the remaining front part of the fuselage and the upper first-class cabin. The front of the airplane works well — for someone with absolutely no fear of flying — as a meditation gazebo, where the cockpit windows form a skylight. And since we’re in ranch country, use the cargo hold as an animal barn.
The philosophy behind the Malibu house, dubbed Wing House, has taken shape over time, like the disassembled parts of the plane. The 55-acre property previously belonged to costume designer Tony Duquette, who built more than 20 structures from found objects, and the rugged terrain favors multiple smaller structures.
New owner Francie Rehwald wanted curvilinear “feminine” shapes, and imagined a kind of floating roof set among the hills. An airplane wing sprang to architect David Hertz’s mind. The found shapes of the aircraft paradoxically echoed the indigenous feel that Duquette’s structures had established: “The 747 represented the single largest industrial achievement in modern history and its abandonment in the deserts make a statement about the obsolescence and ephemeral nature of our technology and our society.” In some sense, too, the airplane was like a giant aluminum can: a perfect metaphor for recycling — particularly because the airline industry is one most gluttonous users of aluminum cans. And design-wise, planes maximize space while minimizing materials.
Wing House will be completed by the end of this year.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DAVID GALE - Metal Artist

David Gale started this work of art as a tribute to the old models that were created for display in the 50's.  He made the tooling for the core as well as wood and plastic patterns for the airplanes' steel structures.  The end result is a unique hand made aircraft with a lamp (with dimmer) designed so when lit, the glow lights up the aircraft, giving the illusion of an aircraft flying at night with its cabin lights on.

The Super Constellation is possibly one of the most beautifully balanced aircraft ever designed.  The dolphin like overall shape and tail design have distinguished this aircraft from the rest.

John Travolta is among the aviation connoisseurs and art collectors, one of the proud owners of an original David Gale lamp.

The Artist:  "I have always liked the exterior shapes of classic aircraft from the 30's through the 50's.  Especially the early jets like the P-80, F-86, Meteor, and MIG-15, and all commercial transports of the 40's and 50's.

In my artwork, I use many of the techniques, riveting, sheet metal etc used in aircraft and automobiles.  Aircraft structure is almost always very strong yet as lightweight as possible, a type of idealized construction.  I try to keep the aesthetics of aircraft alive but add new materials and function to go beyond the creation of a straight sculpture."

David Gale, a native of the Los Angeles area in California, has been an artist as long as he can remember.  With a passion for airplanes and race cars, he creates work of art with a function.  David is mostly impressed with the way that aircraft look despite the fact that their designers concentrated on function and not on aesthetics per se.  Aircraft are engineered and designed with factors in mind other than aesthetics such as speed, airflow, weight, etc.  The fact that aircraft are beautiful is unintentional.  But it is this spontaneous beauty that moves David Gale to create a new function for parts that have lost their function.

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InterFlight Studio - Jet Turbine Sculpture

InterFlight Studio's original Jet Turbine Sculptures are unique fine art installations of authentic aircraft jet engines turbine blades.  InterFlight Studio's design team carefully selects the Jet Turbine Blades based on the piece proportions, twist, bends and aesthetic stance.

These make amazing gifts to any aviation and aerospace professional, retiree, or enthusiast.

InterFlight Studio's Jet Turbine Sculptures are meticulously cleaned, polished, and treated following aerospace processes resulting in an unbelievable look and feel to the piece.

Then the Jet Turbine Blades are hand assembled to the highest quality marble pedestal hand cut and sized to perfection by InterFlight Studio's artisans.

An InterFlight Studio Jet Turbine Sculpture when displayed presents the viewer with a unique and fine piece of aerospace fine art and design, poised to stay beautiful, impressive, and relevant design object to any private, public owner, collector, or simply admirer of the finest decorative artifacts or sporting items.

Measures approx. 13 inches tall.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

InterFlight Studio - Easy Chair.

Take a look at InterFlight Studio's aviation inspired art, design, and furniture pieces made entirely from reclaimed hardware from an airplane.
InterFlight studio is the only gallery in the world representing artists and designers who are inspired by the magic of flight.

InterFlight Studio's incredible pieces will match with any decor style no matter if your house is antique, modern, industrial, etc.  Our expert team of designers will help you place the furniture of your dreams into the correct spot in your home.  Aviation furnture art is a true investment also.  You are not just buying a piece of furniture, you are buying a piece of hisory that can remain in your family for generations, each one farther away from the birth of human flight, but as each generation goes on and on, there will be more appreciation for this historical and beautiful piece.  Not to mention that it is enviornmentally friendly to recycle these parts.  InterFlight Studio works to bring you the best in aviation furniture and interior design.  
Please email us if you have any questions or if you would like to place a special order.  

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luxury Furniture is Art - InterFlight Studio Aviation Inspired Pieces

InterFlight Studio's aviation influenced designs are at the peak of creativity.  These one of a kind pieces, all handmade by artists inspired by aviation and flight, are the perfect modern accessory for any room or office space.  InterFlight Studio represents work that makes a statement about art and design.

The DC 10 Bench, made by Facundo Poj, is a timeless example of perfect design.  Each element in his design balances another.  The result is a stunning piece of aviation furniture.  
All of the work InterFlight Studio represents was made with real reclaimed aircraft parts and assembled by an artist by hand.  Love and care went into each and every piece.  Even the objects designed by InterFlight Studio are hand selected by leaders in our company.  We want to provide everyone with a great reminder of the world of flight.  Humans have aspired for centuries to be able to fly.  With the new modern world, it is easy to forget the early struggles that man had in order to make this accomplishment


Facundo Poj - DC 10 Bench

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aviation Interior Design - InterFlight Studio

InterFlight Studio in Interior Design
Pictured above:  Yoshi Yasuda's "Easy Chair" and InterFlight's "DC-3 Propeller Sculpture"

Our designs function well in any decor style.  We have something for everyone.  Each of our pieces are unique and impressive.  We use only real aircraft parts in our designs.

Each piece represented by InterFlight studio was made by a real artist who was inspired by flight and aviation.  These group of artists really appreciate the value of aviation and share the dream of flight with the rest of mankind.  These artists want to share their story, and their passion of flight with the world through their design.  Art and design is one of those rare things that everyone forms their own opinion of.  Art cannot be explained well, it needs to be experienced.

Experience the magic and adventure of flight, as mankind first felt it, by owning one of InterFlight Studio's very own aircraft designs.

As well as representing artists and designers inspired by aviation, InterFlight Studio also makes and markets their own unique pieces to embellish any interior decorating.  For example, InterFlight Studio's propeller blades make an impressing addition to any room.  People will always be asking you about these wonderful sculptures, and your family will be able to appreciate these artifacts for years and generations to come.

Please go to:
 to see our entire collection of aviation works.

If you have an idea or a custom order we do that too!  Email us at:

Friday, October 4, 2013

Aviation in Interior Design

The world of Aviation has been brought to interior design, thanks to Oscar and Yvette Garcia, founders of InterFlight Studio.  Together the two take their love and passion for aviation and spread it to others in new and interesting ways.
Each piece is an original work of art.  It's like owning a something that is both a significant piece of human history, but it is also a functional beautiful art piece, giving you inspiration of flight every day.

InterFlight Studio is the world only art and design gallery and showroom dedicated only to artists and designers inspired by flight and aerospace.  Collectors and designers around the world have been collecting InterFlight Studio's original pieces for their collection.  InterFlight Studio only uses real airplane parts for each and every design.  You can be assured that everything is authentic and real.  Now it can be your turn to own something amazing.  
Please visit our site:   to see what other furniture pieces and fine art we have.  You might be inspired to add some lift to your home decor.  

To contact InterFlight Studio please email:
Please put "SOCIAL" somewhere in the subject line.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Luxury Aviation Art & Design

InterFlight Studio's luxury Aviation Art and Design
The Scimitar Propeller Sculpture

Aviation art and design can be appreciated by anyone no matter their interest.  This beautiful scimitar sculpture can be appreciated as a piece of history, a collected design beauty, a form of art, or as a literal piece from a real plane.  InterFlight studio wants each person who owns something from our unique studio to be reminded everyday of mankinds passion of flight throughout history.  Humans have always tried to fly, to life themselves and their spirits, and soar to new highs and beyond.  Up up and away!.  Flight is many people's dream, and now this amazing design piece can remind you to reach new heights every day.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inspiring Decorations by InterFlight Studio - Propeller Sculpture

The only one of it's kind:  The Scimitar Propeller Sculpture
Hand selected and designed by InterFlight Studio:

InterFlight Studio is a unique aviation design company which both represents other artists, as well as produces designs in-house.  Owned and directed by Oscar and Yvette Garcia, InterFlight Studio remains the only gallery in the world dedicated only to artists and designers inspired by aviation and aerospace.  

The designs that InterFlight Studio makes in-house are inspired by the lives of this dynamic husband and wife team.  They met years ago aboard a Boeing 747 when Oscar was a pilot, and Yvette was traveling the world.  It seemed destined that this couple carry on their love of flight and share it with the world.  

Each piece is hand selected by Oscar and Yvette and InterFlight Studio and goes through each step in the design phase monitered closely by Yvette.  

InterFlight Studio has many clients worldwide including some celebrity clients.  They have been featured in Miami magazines, blogs, and radio broadcasts.  

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