Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Airplane Lamp Sculpture - available at G&U Miami

InterFlight Studio's unique aviation pieces can now be seen and are available for purchase at Miami's G&U (Genuine & Unique), in Wynwood.  Here is an example of a favorite piece made by artist David Gale.

These beautiful lamps and other aviation art such as propeller blade sculptures can also be seen there.  If you would like something custom made, the artists and designers at InterFlight Studio can assist you with that as well.  Please check out:
The people who design at InterFlight studio truely have a passion for flight and everything flight related.  They will help you create your wildest dreams, custom built and made just for you and your home or office.
Send them a message through their website:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Turbine Blade Sculpture - now available at G&U, Wynwood Miami

InterFlight Studio's new turbine blade sculptures can now be seen and purchased at G & U (genuine and unique), in wynwood miami.  This store has so many cool and interesting items from the 1930's - the early 1960's.
If you are looking to decorate your home in a vintage style, or you like really cool, hard to find unique items, then this is your home furnishing store.  While your there, you can check out InterFlight studio's propeller blade sculptures and turbine blade sculptures.  Whether you are decorating your home or office, these sculptures will look beautiful.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

InterFlight Studio is now featured at G & U in Wynwood, Miami

The iconic propeller sculptures of InterFlight Studio can now be seen for purchase at G & U in Wynwood Miami.  Wynwood is the up and coming art community in Miami, and therefore a perfect destination showcase, and natural fit for InterFlight Studio.

Along with their propeller sculptures, which come in a few different sizes, they also have some airplane lamp sculptures and turbine blade sculptures there as well.
Aviation art is timeless and special.  You dont have to be in the aviation industry to appreciate the art of InterFlight Studio in your home.  These propeller sculptures are the perfect shape to match any decor style.  They are easily placed anywhere around your home, and they are marvelous to look at.  The way the light catches the curved polished metal surface of the propeller blade, especially the scimitar blade, will impress any onlooker or guest.

Propeller Blade Sculptures, now available at G & U at 2328 N. Miami Ave, Miami FL 33127