Tuesday, March 18, 2014

InterFlight Studio's Functional Recycled Furniture

Scimitar Propeller Blade Sculpture:

InterFlight Studio has many functional art pieces like this Scimitar Propeller Blade sculpture.  This wonderful art piece is in limited supply, and only InterFlight Studio sells this propeller with the slight curve going around the blade.  Most propellers were not made with the beauty and elegance of this model pictured here.  This item is highly prized by collectors, and home interior designer Michael Dawkins, even purchased one for himself.  

To get more information about these beautiful propeller blades please contact Yvette:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Recycled Aircraft - Bar

Airplanes can be used for much more than transporting cargo and passengers through the air.  What happens to them when they can no longer be used?  They are sent to scrap yards, broken down, and sold for parts.
Every so often someone comes along and has a more unique use for the parts.  Artists and designers have been taking advantage of these cool parts, and designing beautiful art and furniture with the recycled airplane parts. However, when I saw this design, I was really impressed.  This is taking aviation creativity to the next level.

Here it is:

This person had a custom airplane bar made in his home.  The entire bar is made from recycled aircraft parts, and it came out beautifully.  Definately the one of a kind bar I'm sure he was looking for.

InterFlight studio also makes unique furniture from recycled airplane parts.  Please visit our online store for one of a kind art and furniture at:   www.interflightstudio.com

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Iconic Travel Accessories

InterFlight Studio is a proud authorized dealer of the iconic Pan Am brand.  Pan Am was a popular airline flown by just about everyone who did fly in the 60's-70's era.  It was known for its blue and white recognizable logo, and its affordable airfare.  Never before could so many people travel the country with ease.

Check out these iconic bags that the Pan Am Brand still produces.  Whether your style is vintage, or a little more modern, Pan Am has adjusted their product for all audiences.  Even though the airline doesn't carry passengers anymore, you can still appreciate the memories made with the Pan Am Brand.

Also, check out our other cool products at:  www.flightstudiostore.com

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