Thursday, June 20, 2013

Air Charter Services Chooses Flight Studio for second Interior Design Flight inspired collection (London and Dubai)

After delivering on a multi media fine art and design suite of high end pieces in Air Charter Services ( ) London Headquarters, Flight Studio was again selected for a design project in the Group’s Dubai office. The unique and functional fine design La Piccola Stella, designed and crafted by Smithsonian awardee, acclaimed artist and designer, Italian born , Giancarlo D’Astis, for Flight Studio. “ It is an honor for us to serve Air Charter Services again. This company is a leader in the private aviation industry and a trendsetter of attention to client details in flight and on the ground” Yvette Garcia, Flight Studio Managing Partner and Lead Designer “ for us, to serve and embellish the lives of the Air Charter Services employees and clients, is a true satisfaction and aligns perfectly with our idea of a flight art and design inspired business and private aviation world.”

This is a landmark project for Flight studio in Dubai, and we look forward to bringing forth the spirit of aviation art, design, education and culture to the growing and high tech private aviation industry blossoming in the emirate of Dubai and the Middle East-Gulf region at large” Yvette concluded.

La Piccola Stella Table Fine Design Piece by Flight Studio’s designer Giancarlo D’Astis, as seen in its London location (Stay tuned for photos of the Dubai display)
For more photos and information on the London headquarters interior display click here   and/or contact Yvette Garcia

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