Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flight Studio Design Premiers World’s Most exclusive Aerospace Design Functional Installation: The F-4 Phantom Bar

Flight Studio Design and Gallery are proud to present what is possibly the world’s most remarkable aerospace art installation, the F-4 Phantom Bar.

A one of a kind creation, this piece brings aerospace functional art to a new height. Inter Flight Studio (IFS) represents this piece from artist Peter Valentino as a collaboration to introduce it as an exclusive aerospace art genre to the global contemporary fine art community. “ As the world leading purveyors, curators and dealers of the emerging contemporary aerospace art movement, I am delighted to have the F-4 Phantom Bar in our portfolio” Oscar Garcia, IFS Founder and Chairman stated “ we will endeavor to elevate this piece fine functional aerospace design to its highest level, we are confident that it is going to blend seamlessly with historically important aerospace fine art reference works. The acquisition price ranks the piece with the top aerospace fine art and design, such as works from Alexander Calder on aircraft painted models, Concorde’s nose cone auctioned by Christies in Paris and Bonham’s in London” Oscar Garcia concluded.

For further information on IFS’s representation of the F-4 Phantom Bar, please call Oscar and Yvette Garcia +1-305-904-5183/82 and or email

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