Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flight Studio Gallery + Design Auctions Erik Lindbergh, Perez-Melero and David Gale Pieces at GMAA Gala

At the 2012 illustrious Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA) 85th Yearly Gala, honoring Fred Smith, Founder of FedEx and Alex de Gunten, Managing Director of the Latin American Air Transport Association. Flight Studio will auction emblematic aviation and flights inspired pieces from iconic artists. The proceeds will be donated to the GMAA Batchelor Scholarship Fund, which through decades has enabled young students of aviation and aerospace to pursue their careers and be inspired by the late George Batchelor, a legend and visionary air transportation industrialist.

Artist Erik Lindbergh, grandson of the celebrated Charles Lindbergh, will be represented by a bronze miniature “rustic rocket”. A unique collectable item, one of a limited series with the honor of having flown into space aboard Spaceship 1 in 2004. Bidders will be able to acquire this piece which is the last of the series collection represented by Flight Studio Gallery.

Master Artist Antonio Perez-Melero, will be re presented through his piece PlaneBird, a silver plated marvel of imagination and abstraction of the theme of flight. This bird-airplane miniature is a collectible, which will add to any serious collector’s portfolio as a piece from a mature renowned artist who has multi million pieces in museums and private displays worldwide.

For more information on this gala please visit For private viewings of the auction pieces and more details, please contact +1-305-904-5182.

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