Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flight Studio presents Concorde Exhibit during Art Basel Miami 2012

Flight Studio Gallery presented the Concorde-Après 10 Annes- After 10Years (2003-2012) exhibit to the Art Basel visiting public. This assemblage of paintings, photographs and a painted scaled Concorde aircraft, celebrating 10 years since the last Concorde aircraft flew. Works on display are listed below and include photographs by Marylin Szabo, paintings by Richard Kai and Herve Alexandre and a painted Concorde Sculpture by PilotO. IFG’s founder Oscar S. Garcia curates the exhibit which is inspired by Christie’s auction of Concorde memorabilia in Paris November, 15th 2003 and Bonham’s in London, December 1st, 2003. “The pieces on display are reflections of art that has been following Concorde’s spirit well after its removal from commercial service operations. We expect to see more art work being generate din the next ten years. “Oscar S. Garcia, IFS and Flight Studio Gallery’s founder and chairman stated. “Moreover, we would like the artistic spirit of Concorde art work to enable the future. This exhibit will surely keep the Concorde mystique going forward even contributes to the actual flight of a preserved aircraft. Moreover, we believe that Concorde will inspire future fast air and space craft designs worldwide.” For further information, please contact flight Studio, Oscar and/or Yvette Garcia +1-305-400-6789,

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