Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flight Studio Propeller Blade Sculpture Master Pieces Value Appreciation

Flight Studio’s elegant Sculptural Propeller Blades have become a collectable modern and contemporary design item for collectors, decorators and private individuals and corporations worldwide. “ The aircraft propeller blade is in itself refined symbol of human flight. The blades curves, stance, weight and precise design evoke feelings of motion, soaring and defeating gravity” Oscar Garcia, Flight Studio co-Founder and designer stated. “ We strive to prepare the blades for display with minimal or no addition. That is for a decade, we have placed our sculptures in fine collections worldwide, sophisticated corporate offices and elegant private residences.” Yvette Garcia, Flight Studio co-Founder and Managing partner concluded”

Fine design and art connoisseurs and auction houses have proven time after time that Sculptural Propeller blades, when properly prepared and displayed, have collectible gravitas and appreciate in price with time. Flight studio Propeller blade sculpture collectors have enjoyed the financial appreciation of their pieces. “the prices keep steadily climbing, we have traded sculptures for clients and the appreciation is well in the double digits, with a robust growth trend.

A good example is the recent, January 29th 2012, auction by world renowned House Art curial, in which several propeller blade sculptures, similar in stance provenance, character and display elegance have been sold exceeding by far their reserve expectations. Please see below, selected auction results and Flight Studio offerings. Flight Studio is pleased to offer to clients worldwide our selected inventory of Propeller Blade Sculptures by appointment or though our e-commerce store and selected partner clients. Please call +1-305-400-6789/6749 for further feedback,

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