Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flight Studio Exclusively Adds Fine Aerospace Art Designer Peter Valentino

Flight Studio is proud to add world renowned Fine Aerospace Art Designer Peter Valentino to its selected group of designers. “ Peter is without a doubt our most enigmatic, yet talented fine aerospace designer. “ Oscar Garcia, IFS Chairman stated “ We are proud to work with and represent Peter Valentino. He not only produces top aerospace museum quality pieces, but does it with such an style a powerful artistic statement and stance. It is not by chance that Peter is a purveyor to the world’s most discriminating collector elite. We look forward to placing Peter’s current pieces; Phantom Bar, one of a kind, and Starlifter Jet Humidor limited series with important and meaningful collectors, as these pieces will be relevant decades from now, always leading and setting the standard for aerospace contemporary art into the future ”. For more information on Peter Valentino’s Fine Aerospace Art and design Pieces Click here Phantom Bar and Starlifter Jet Humidor.

For further contact, please call Oscar and Yvette Garcia +1-305-400-6789/6749

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