Thursday, June 20, 2013

Google Celebrates Amelia Earhart’s Spirit of Flight and Adventure, IFS Releases TV Interview Video on Amelia Earhart’s Movie Art of Flight

Flight Studio Founder and Chairman, Oscar S. Garcia celebrates the spirit of flight, travel and adventure through Amelia Earhart’s life,accomplishments and all the artistic expressions that it has created. “Amelia Earhart’s spirit, inspiration and “energie de vivre” have been Channeled in all artistic mediums; sculpture, photography, music, film and paintings. “Oscar Garcia stated “at Flight Studio Gallery, we are proud to represent important pieces inspired by Amelia Earhart such as Jo-Ann Lizio’s Pilot Eyes, an amazing 24’X30’ Giclee on display at our Downtown Miami gallery. It is interesting that Jo-An Lizio’s Pilot Eyes piece is seamlessly aligned, artistically speaking, with Amelia Earhart’s eyes, and her visual interpretation of flight throughout the movie.” Yvette Garcia, Co Founder and Managing Partner concluded.

For More information on Jo-Ann Lizio’s Pilot Eyes,
please call Oscar or Yvette +1-305-400-6789/49
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Well Celebrated Google Friends!

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