Thursday, June 20, 2013

IFS Propeller Sculptures Gain Acclaim From Collectors and Exhibitors

IFS Propeller Sculptures  Gain Acclaim From Collectors and Exhibitors
Recent sales of Flight Studio Design extraordinary Propeller Sculptures to collectors in the USA, Europe and Asia have triggered collaborations with top exhibitors and galleries such as the Whitley Collection. The sculptures have taken the form of multiple blade installations, even a forest of Propeller Sculptures. The "iconic" aircraft provenance (Super Constellation, DC-3/4/6/7 series, Twin Beech and others )and sizes selected for each sculpture make each piece a truly collectible item which oftentimes appreciates with time.

Oscar and Yvette Garcia, design their exquisite iconic aircraft Propeller Sculptures from their Miami Flight Studio. The sculptures enhance the sleek and energetic pose of the propeller blade while proposing to the viewer the possibility that the sculptures once turned and pushed an aircraft through the skies. Oscar and Yvette’s love of flight, art and design is portrayed with this sculptures with elegance and simplicity, allowing the piece to freely communicate with the viewer.

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